Stable Lead has been working with FESI to bring the FESI-BOND BLAST® X1 to the market.  This Lead Stabilizer is the epitome of environmental protection.  FESI has been stabilizing lead on abrasive blasting projects, in industrial facilities, and at Superfund sites since 1992. The X1 product, created for our industry, changes the lead at a molecular level. The chemical reaction between FESI-BOND® and lead forms a crystalline structures such as apatites and pyromorphites. These structures are the least soluble forms of lead known to man. The EPA has done studies on this form of lead and has come to the conclusion that, unlike other blends that can decline in effectiveness with seasons of weather, FESI-BOND® exhibits no decline in effectiveness with aging, and controls lead leaching under a wide range of pH anticipated at both new and old landfills. It is fantastic that such an inert material can be so effective against lead and other metals without harming the environment.


  • Recycling, Landfill, Soil Stabilization & Superfund Sites
  • On-Site Lead Paint Residue and Blast Media Stabilization
  • On-Site RCRA Hazardous Industrial Generators Worldwide
  • In-Place Lead Paint Stabilization