Lead Abatement

Stable Lead is a Developer of FESI-BOND BLAST technology for the Abrasive Blasting Industry.  Lead and Heavy metals have been used in paints since the 4 century BC and have been causing a myriad of bad health effects on the people using and producing the paint. The United States’ Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) banned lead paint in 1977 and since then the abatement industry has sprung up. The workers involved with lead abatement are at the highest risk of lead poisoning.  The environment is also at great risk where Best Practices (BP) are not implemented in lead abatement procedures. Stable Lead offers the Abrasive Blast Industry the BP for lead Abatement, providing a non toxic method to stabilize lead and other metals at the source, while protecting the Worker and the Environment!


  • Dams, locks & power plants
  • Bridges & highways
  • Water Tanks, Water treatment & processing facilities
  • Chemical & petroleum industries
  • Metals & mining industries
  • Aerospace & technology
  • Pulp & Paper industry