SSPC Questions

What sets your product(s) apart from other brands? We added FESI-BLAST® to our lineup of products. FESI-BLAST® is a patented lead stabilizing additive that is unique to the industry. It is the only abrasive blast additive that is non-toxic to humans and can be truly called a green product. It is completely harmless to the environment and workers; it converts the lead at a molecular level into a stable mineral, and only 2% is needed in the abrasive. No other additive can state these facts. FESI-BLAST® transforms lead and will transform our industry!

In what ways do your products ensure worker health and safety? To answer this question and to show the stark reality of just how unique FESI-BLAST® is, I need to point out what our industry is doing as a frame of reference. Currently technology uses chemicals that produce a high pH. When this material touches the skin and sweat is present the result is corrosive and produces up to pH 13 which can cause a chemical burn if left on the skin for just a short period of time. No matter how well a Sandblaster is covered the dust will touch the skin. This affects all areas of the body where moisture is present; the eyes, mouth, nose, lungs and skin. Long term exposure like blasting for years, can cause serious health effects. FESI-BLAST®, in contrast, is near neutral at pH 7 units. It is not acidic and not alkaline. Additionally this product is used in food, meal for animals, and fertilizer for plants. There are no known health risks from immediate acute exposure or form chronic long term exposure. It is about as inert as a material can be. Yet, it chemically combines with free lead and certain heavy metals at room temperature. FESI-BLAST® protects the employee and the employer!

How do your products aide in meeting standards? The USEPA and State Environmental and Health Agencies (DOE’s) require that the environment be protected when lead based paint is removed from structures. The USEPA allows and encourages the treatment of hazardous waste as a method of hazardous waste reduction. Abating lead involves containment of any lead debris. A contractor removing the lead based paint must demonstrate adequacy in the removal process, keeping the soil, water and surrounding areas free from contamination. FESI-BLAST® provides a method to stabilize the lead at the source of removal. Just 2% FESI-BLAST® additive renders lead paint residue non-leachable, non-hazardous under USEPA TCLP test, and allows the contractor to recycle the abrasive or dispose of the spent abrasive at a regular land fill. FESI-BLAST® exceeds EPA standards for lead disposal methods.

What efforts has your company made to reduce environmental impact? FESI-BLAST® is the epitome of environmental protection. Again to answer this question I need to point out what our industry is doing as a frame of reference. Other products produce high pH in the TCLP extraction fluid chamber. This high pH can “fool” the test by rendering the acid solution in the TCLP test more neutral; effectively removing the acid rain and acid leachate element designed by the USEPA to simulate the real-world landfill leaching from lead waste. Other products have been banned from use on USEPA Superfund sites because they will not pass EPA Method 1320, the multiple extraction procedure, and distorts the acid leaching character of the TCLP test. A long term solution is needed not a quick “pH” fix. Again in contrast FESI-BLAST® changes the lead at a molecular level. There is a chemical reaction between FESI-BLAST® and lead which forms crystalline structures such as apatites and pyromorphites. These structures are the least soluble forms of lead known to man. The EPA has done studies on this form of lead and has come to the conclusion that, unlike other technologies that can decline in effectiveness with seasons of weather, FESI-BLAST® exhibits no decline in effectiveness with aging, and controls lead leaching under a wide range of pH anticipated at both new and old landfills where the TCLP test is used as a leachate simulation. It is fantastic that such an inert material can be so effective against lead and other metals without harming the environment. These crystalline structures are green and kind of look like you might imagine Superman’s kryptonite to look like. FESI-BLAST® is Lead’s kryptonite and it is truly “Green.” FESI-BLAST® protects the environment!

Who would benefit from using your product(s)? Any company performing lead abatement by abrasive blasting, any agency with Lead based paint on bridges, dams, tanks, vessels, and steel structures. FESI-BLAST® requires only 2% blending with blast media and effectively renders the TCLP test to non-hazardous levels often as low as non-detect on Lead. This is a long term solution not a quick fix. It gives the waste generators peace of mind knowing that they will NOT be part of a superfund site down the road. FESI-BLAST® gives you lasting peace of mind!

What is your company’s value proposition to your client? My name is Don Easter and I am a fourth Generation Sandblaster and Painter. I have used FESI products now for 10 years. I have been absolutely impressed with the ability of FESI-BLAST® to render lead non-leachable! As a project manager for the last 22 years I am always looking to save on cost. This product is usually the best price point. Because it does not harden into concrete when the humidity is high; it saves on the maintenance of the equipment. I managed the a bridge in Washington in 2013-2014 where we abrasive blasted and coated 95,000 square foot of lead based paint at up to 23% lead. The environment was very wet and rainy. With other additives I would have had to replace my dust collector filters and vacuum filters at least twice. I would have also need to send a guy into the dust collector to do maintenance on the screw. This would have cost me about $25,000-$35,000 in extra expense. With FESI-BLAST® I did not have to change the filters nor do any repairs for 8 months. The fact that FESI-BLAST®: renders the lead non-leachable, saves on maintenance costs, is less dusty at 2% rather than the much higher with others, and cost less. It is an overall savings that cannot be passed up. FESI-BLAST® saves you money.